Kansas City Royals’ Alex Gordon watches his home run as

Since the party was right after work (AKA dinner time), I was all about taste testing the new foods to be offered this season by Aramark. The Citizen Bank Park tried and true favorites were there, everything from Chickie Pete Crabfries, Tony Luke sandwiches, Seasons Pizza and Federal Donuts to Campo Cheesesteaks, Wayback Burgers and Turkey Hill Ice Cream. However, there was also sampling of the new foods, including a variety of ethnic inspired hotdogs, like the south of the border Sonoran Dog, the beer braided frankfurter and the Asian Dog.

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wholesale jerseys Most places have a place like Cool Springs, but they don have these other things. We maintained this great balance. Those selling points have often proven a thorn in the side of Davidson County.. Kansas City Royals’ Alex Gordon watches his home run as Houston Astros catcher Jason Castro (15) reaches for the pitch during the night inning in Game 3 of the American League Division Series on Sunday in Houston. (AP Photo/Patric Schneider)If the Kansas City Royals lose Monday afternoon’s game against the Houston Astros, they are out and it could very well be the last game for left fielder Alex Gordon.He could decide to opt out of the last year of his contract that pays more than $13 million next season. If he were to hit the free agent market, he longtime Royal could make more than $100 million a number the Royals aren’t expected to match.”We’ve come too far as a team, and we realize we’re one loss away from our season being over. wholesale jerseys

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