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The details coque iphone 7 plus argent have yet to be worked out, but the Alabama State Department of Education is busily readying a timeline of how the law’s requirements roll coques iphone xr fleurs out.The law, which had bipartisan support in the legislature, reinforces the need for coque iphone xs max hiver teachers to coque anneau iphone 6 plus ensure students are learning how to read coque iphone xr mer in the early grades and coque iphone xs bts forming a strong foundation in reading.The law requires teachers to be trained in the science of reading, provides additional support for schools whose students’ coque iphone 6 ane 4575 reading scores are in the bottom 5% statewide, requires summer learning opportunities to be offered to students who aren’t on grade level coque iphone x football sporting in Kindergarten through third grade, and coque anti choque iphone 6 plus sets a benchmark on the test third graders will be required to pass to advance to the fourth grade.The first task, though, is for the state department to set up a statewide task force to oversee the implementation of coque 46 iphone 7 the law. Lawmakers added $6.5 million to ARI but did not earmark any specific amount for coque iphone 6 food wars the Act’s provisions only saying money coque valentino rossi iphone 7 used to implement the provisions must be coque iphone 6 wini targeted to the lowest performing schools.The law provides reading instructional support and teacher training to coque iphone 7 bronze begin with the upcoming school year.Bringing (back) the Pledge of AllegianceAll schools elementary, middle, high, and every other configuration are now required by state law to start coque iphone 6 christian lacroix the day with the Pledge of coque rhinoshield iphone xr noir Allegiance, beginning with the upcoming school year. While many schools across the state, particularly those whose school day starts at one specific time, coque iphone 6 golden state warriors have been starting coque iphone 6 silicone jordan their day with the Pledge, coque iphone xs marbre some schools badalink coque iphone 7 with flexible opening times have let it fall by the wayside.While school officials must teryei coque iphone 7 plus ensure to make time for the Pledge, schools cannot force students to participate.Epi pensStudents with severe allergies at risk of anaphylaxis can now possess and use a single squishy coque iphone 7 dose auto injectable container of epinephrine while at school…

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